What is fostering?

When you foster, you share a part of your home and your heart with animals for a short time. During the time that you care for the animal your insight into behavior, personality and preferences will help build a profile and biography to communicate to potential adopters. You will provide transportation to our partner veterinarians and may be asked to administer medications as prescribed. You communicate with potential adopters only once they have passed our adoption screening and interview process. 

Why should you foster?

Each year, 860,000 cats and kittens, and 670,000 dogs and puppies which are not adopted, are euthanized in the US shelters (aspca.org). Together we can change this reality by providing safe and caring foster homes for a pet to prepare for their own forever home. Fostering offers an opportunity to truly get to know an animal’s likes and dislikes which provides invaluable information in the adoption process and helps make sure that every adoption lasts a lifetime!

What is the commitment?

The length of commitment varies by animal. For example, providing care to an expectant mother is often a several month commitment as puppies or kittens will remain with their mothers through nursing and weaning. SUSAN is happy to work with you and discuss a fostering situation that fits your family’s lifestyle.

How will you get your foster(s)?

After the application and approval process a SUSAN coordinator will arrange for you to get your new foster. You may pick your foster up from an arranged transportation, directly from animal control or have your foster brought to your home by a SUSAN volunteer. 

Do you have pets and want to foster others?

SUSAN can assist you with appropriate periods of acclimation before introducing the foster to your other animal family members and using slow introduction methods when the time comes. Observing foster animals in homes with other pets can give wonderful information about what the animal’s perfect home might look like.

What are the costs?

It is always helpful when our fosters are willing to supply food and litter as it helps us to allocate those funds to medical care but if a foster is in need of basic supplies to enable a safe and loving foster home, we are more than happy to provide them. SUSAN covers all medical care for our animals including spay and neuter and micro-chipping.