Meet our Team

Cydny Grey

Chief Executive Officer

Cydny has been rescuing animals since she was a small girl dragging the neighborhood strays and wounded wildlife home. Opening an animal rescue with the mission of serving both the pet owning and wider rescue community has been a dream of Cydny’s since she began formerly working with animals as a veterinary technician 20 years ago. Excited to start a possible career path of helping animals, this field instead opened Cydny’s eyes to the realities of pet neglect, abandonment and mismanagement leading her to two decades of varied volunteer, disaster response, transport, foster and rescue efforts, all leading down a very different path than originally intended. SUSAN is a labor of love in honor of Cydny’s mother who taught her a deep respect for all life and the term “fur people” to reflect that animals are our peers, not our subjects. Cydny and her partner Mark are raising a beautiful, animal loving and rescue blooded toddler, Grey and co parenting an awkward menagerie of rescue dogs and cats.

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Camila Salkov

Chief Financial Officer

Camila has over 10 years of experience working for large financial firms where she learned the importance of financial oversight and identifying potential areas of improvement in operations. A passion for data analysis and interpretation has provided her with the ability to embrace her leadership skills in the financial world. As an experienced financial consultant, an investment banking expert, and an animal lover – she brings a diverse background to her professional endeavors. 

Camila is also the proud mom of 2 beautiful ladies Mocha (Dachshund) and Coco (Mixed Chihuahua)

Mark Rohan

Chief Operations Officer

Mark brings a talent of eliminating programmatic inefficiencies and streamlining systems management to our team. A life long cat dad, Mark discovered his interest in canine behavior and socialization as a shelter and play group volunteer starting in 2017. He is a jack of all trades within our organization and helps keep Cydny and their shared zoo of pets, fosters and children on track!