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SUSAN’s animals live in foster homes as valued family members. Our foster parents are able to offer a unique perspective on the available pets’ likes and dislikes, as well as any personality quirks – this information is invaluable to the matchmaking process. SUSAN wants every placement we make to be a lifelong match and as such we have high adoption standards and ask all adopters to agree to ALWAYS contact us FIRST if the circumstances of life ever divide you from your new family member. Interested adopters start by completing an application and a SUSAN representative will reach out ASAP to begin the interview process!

Community Engagement and Support

SUSAN is committed to serving the community through support of municipal shelters and partner rescue organizations as well as through direct community support such as TNR and food donations. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic SUSAN volunteers have worked to provide surplus food and resources to community members who may have otherwise faced very difficult decisions to surrender or rehome their animals due to temporary financial hardships. SUSAN believes that all animals are in this together and that we cannot serve the non-human animal community without considering their human allies.


We support cats in our community through direct Trap Neuter and Return efforts. TNR reduces the amount of unloved and unwanted outdoor cats by ending the reproductive cycles within outdoor feline communities over time. With the many dangers outdoors, the lives of feral cats are often short and brutal and outdoor cats can pose a threat to regional songbirds and wildlife. When a cat is TNR’ed they are trapped in the area in which they live, they undergo surgery generally within 24 hours and are vaccinated and microchipped to indicate the date this cat was helped and the area in which they live. A cat who has been TNR’ed will have a distinct ear tip or ear notch, usually to the left ear. Unless an ‘ear tipped’ cat is sick or injured, it does not need your help. If you have seen an outdoor cat without an ear tip and are unsure of what to do please reach out! We are happy to point you in the correct direction or provide resources to help you to Step Up to TNR!

Step Up to Save

Everyone can SAVE someone. SUSAN as well as all community rescues and shelters needs fosters, we cannot save a life without a home to accept and respect that life. Fostering can be as easy as dedicating a spare bedroom or bathroom for a healthy adult cat in need or as complex as bottle-feeding neonatal kittens and your only commitment is to love and care for them, provide transportation to veterinary appointments, and communicate with screened adopters. Adoptions save lives and we are happy to match one of our foster family members to your family! If you cannot care for an animal at this time you can SAVE by Sharing rescue posts- networking works – Acting when you see animal injustice, we can use our voices to speak up for them – Volunteering at events, through fundraising, for life-saving transport or to help with admin tasks – and – Ending pet overpopulation through donating to community spay and neuter programs as well as directly participating in TNR. 

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